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3 Reasons You May Have To Have Auto Damage Privately Appraised After An Accident

When most people have a car accident, they put all of their faith and trust into an insurance company because they expect these professionals to know what they are talking about when it comes to damage appraisals. However, damage appraisals after an auto accident do not always have to be performed by someone associated with a car insurance company. In fact, there are certain times when you will need a private adjuster to give you an appraisal that has nothing to do with your car insurance. Here is a look at three reasons you may need auto damage privately appraised after an accident. 

You disagree with the initial insurance adjusters appraisal. 

It never hurts to get a second opinion when it comes to auto accident claims adjustments that are done through the insurance company of the other driver. Plus, no matter how much you trust your own insurance company, you may find that you don't agree with their adjuster's assessment of the damages to your vehicle. Having your own appraisal performed is a measure of ensuring that you are being given a fair settlement for the damages you will have to pay to fix if the insurance company does not give you a substantial offer.

You find out the other driver did not have car insurance. 

If your car is damaged in an auto accident and the other driver did not have car insurance, you will sometimes have to take the other driver to civil court to get money to make repairs on your vehicle. In these situations, you can go through your own car insurance company, but if you do not want to get them involved, you can hire an independent claim adjuster for an appraisal of the damage to your vehicle. This gives you proof of the damages you incurred and how much it will be to fix your car, which can be used when you file your civil court claim.

You want a second appraisal for an auto accident legal claim.

If something happens and you have to take the insurance company to court to get the money you deserve after a car accident, the more documentation you have about your damages, the better off you will be. Having a secondary appraisal from a private adjuster will give the court a piece of evidence to use with your claim to help determine how much money you should get from the insurance company.

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