Never Toss Old "Junk" Without Having It Appraised

How To Get Your Cake Business Off The Ground

Baking a cake is a combination of art and science. To become a better baker, you need to understand the chemical forces at play. For example, salt controls yeast. If you learn how to use salt with dough, then you can control the texture of dish.

Unfortunately, everyone is not willing to learn how to bake. They prefer to buy their cakes from a business. If you have this gift, then it is a service that you should provide to the community. Read on to find out how to get your cake business off the ground.

Choose A Store Front

If you want a formal location with a kitchen and a public area, then you will need to find a storefront. When choosing a building, it helps to find one with a roomy and well-equipped kitchen. You should choose a kitchen with a commercial oven for baking your cakes. It also helps to get a building with countertops, hand-washing stations and a commercial dishwasher to meet local requirements.

You also have to be realistic because the building may not come with everything you need and want. The equipment you need for your business depends on the type of cooking you plan to do. If the building does not have everything, then you may have to purchase additional equipment.

Get Your Kitchen Approved

You will need to get your kitchen approved by the city government that is responsible for approving commercial businesses. It helps to contact a commercial real estate appraiser when looking at a commercial space. Commercial real estate appraisers can determine the dollar value of commercial properties before they are sold.

The appraisal process is quite involved. It is more than just inspecting the property. Commercial appraisal services, such as from East Coastal Appraisal Services, consist of investigating demographics, researching public ownership and zoning records, compiling comparable sales, evaluating replacement costs, considering rentals and investigating lifestyle information. Appraisers use this information to help with determining the value of the property. They also write a report explaining their findings. Your kitchen will also need to meet health codes.

Get Your Bakery License

You will need a bakery license to sell baked goods in a bakery, online website or restaurant. A bakery license is required by your state's Business Licenses, Permits & Tax authority. If you want to open a cake business, then you will need to get this license before moving forward.

Opening a business is very time-consuming. Baking is only half of your commitment.